You can email the completed membership form to Leanne Eckes, Membership Coordinator. You may either mail in payment for your membership fees, or submit payment online. If a current SCVR member referred you, please include that member’s name in your email to Leanne.

Mailing Address: St. Croix Valley Riders P.O. Box 112 St. Paul Park, MN 55071

St. Croix Valley Riders is a nonprofit Motorcyclists Rights Organization (MRO). Proceeds go to enhance motorcycle safety, awareness and education. Believes in, and sponsors motorcycle training. Endorses education, not legislation. Encourages political involvement. Helps fight for bikers rights. Actively works for motorcycle awareness. Helps improve the motorcyclist’s image. Is open to all bikers, regardless of what brand they ride. Sponsors charitable events.

St. Croix Valley Riders is a unique MRO as it represents riders from both the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

St. Croix Valley Riders supports the premise that bikers know best what should be done to protect themselves on the road. Not politicians or insurance companies. We believe that rider training, improved awareness and education of the public will improve motorcyclists safety. Not punitive mandatory laws. We believe in actively working to see that politicians know where we stand and showing that we are a strong and organized force who will work with them or against them.

Why Should I Join the
St. Croix Valley Riders?

• All members of the board and committee chairs are volunteers.

• Not-for-profit organization; money is spent on motorcycle education, training and lobbying at the state and national level. Your voice will be heard.

• Any member in good standing will be reimbursed, up to the state fees, for certified riders courses. See Rider Education page for details.

• Members-only advanced training courses (minimum number of participants is required).

• Organized motorcycle runs (Fun Run, Chili Feed) and trips (Sturgis, Lake Superior).

  • FREE $3,500 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance coverage for all members in good standing.

It’s a great way to meet new people that enjoy the same thing you do—riding. Not to mention the best fundraiser in the Valley, SCVR’s Annual Chili Feed (first weekend after Labor Day).

Join Now!

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: $500 Single or $800 couples, or the equivalent of 20 paid years (Contact Membership Coordinator to get your prorated price if you’re already a member)

Lisa Bright, Membership Coordinator