Monthly Meetings

The St. Croix Valley Riders usually meet the second Sunday of each month. During each meeting, the organization’s business is addressed. A typical meeting begins with a call to order by the Sergeant at Arms. The President then directs the meeting. Officers and Committee Coordinators give their respective reports. Minutes of the previous meeting are read. Old business that was not concluded during past meetings or SCVR sanctioned events that occurred prior are discussed. New business is then announced and topics are presented by all who are in attendance who wish to submit items and/or information before the membership. Motions are made to determine action of discussion items. Motions that are seconded are then voted upon by all attending members. Closing business consisting of new member introductions, next meeting announcement, and finally adjournment.

General Membership Meetings: Second Sunday of each month at 12:00pm (None in September)

Location: American Legion in St Paul Park, MN (October-May) Gas-lite Tavern in Ellsworth, WI (June-August)

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Board of Directors Meetings: January, March, May, July, October immediately preceding/following the General Membership Meetings.

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